This is a multi-part story about the themes I picked up at the Reboot 8 conference in Copenhagen, June 1st and 2nd.
A theme I brought to Reboot myself with Lee Bryant and Martin Roell.
But it surfaced in a number of other ways for me as well. First and foremost that you have to act yourself if you really mean you need diversity around you. Use the European examples, look at who you invite for your event, look at the holes in your current network and fill them. And that if that is not working out, remember the key point Lee had in his talk about participation. If you are looking for participation and people are not responding, it is because of your system, the structure of your attempt to engage others, not because of the people. You make it work. If it doesn’t, redo it.
Interesting to note was that those present in the session really seemed to get energized by the topic. While at the same time also a number of people told me before the session that they’d already given up on Europe and had a Rumsfeldian look on Europe as the world’s retirement home. I was quite surprised by that. If I intend to keep on living in Europe I need to help find ways for creating new value. You can’t say your neighbourhood is going to waste and stay indoors bemoaning that, without acknowledging you’re part of that yourself and need to take co-responsibility.
All parts in this story:
I Renaissance
II Diversity
III Good Enough
IV Privacy and Ownership
V Relationships, Visualization, Contactivity

Photo’s: Strings by Brainless Angel license CC BY NC SA.