Podcasting service (closed beta)

From Felix Petersen (one of the originators of Plazes) I got the announcement of a new service he’d like to have beta tested. It’s called and it takes a RSS feed with text items, and converts them into podcasts. It can do that in different languages. They are working together with the Swedish firm Readspeaker to convert the texts to audio.

I think it might work for lazy guys like me who can’t be bothered setting up their own equipment. But I wonder about whether it would still feel authentic enough to the listener?
For now I added my usual RSS feed to the service. I might consider writing seperate items though, to have them podcasted. I’ll see if I find some time to really play with it at the end of the week.
It is a closed beta, so I can’t point you anywhere, but let’s see how the scripts in this posting work out so that you could listen to the result.

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  1. clivado

    Hello Ton , i live in Holland too. I have some questions to you. How can i contact to u asap?
    how about using the contact info on the top right?

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