New Lay Out

Last year December, and in January of this year I started working on a new lay out for this blog. I finished the design, created the first few templates for it, and then ….. nothing happened for months.
In order to make myself finish the new templates I had set my 3 years of blogging milestone of last Friday as a deadline. So now it is done, the new design is implemented.
It is a full CSS based design, no tables anymore. Also I have started using the fancier urls Movable Type provides for entry-archives, where the title is part of the url. But don’t worry, all the old urls still work. I did not replace the old templates, I added new ones that exist in parallel. Permalinks should be just that: permanent.
I have removed a lot of stuff that cluttered the site, and went from 3 columns to 2. Biggest addition is the box with presence indicators up in the right hand column. Blogging is about connecting, so I have increased the amount of information that lets you connect to me.
Now let’s hope you all like it, and it works as it’s supposed to. In IE there is a little problem with the presence indicators (and the presence server isn’t up at this point, something I’ll be able to fix Monday night.), but it seems that is about it. Let me know what you think, and whether everything works.
(Oh, and I will fix the fact that you are now redirected from the index page to the new one with the .shtml extension as soon as I have access to the server at home again.)
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3 thoughts on “New Lay Out

  1. Pierre

    Looking good.
    I would suggest moving the archives list to its own page so that the rest of the right column moves up.
    You might also want to look at the positioning of the images in the “books I read” section. In firefox I see the “emergence” book on top of another book.

    Thanks, the archives list is on a separate page as well, and linked to from the search section. On archive pages it is presented as a list. Strange the effect of the book picture. In my Firefox it looks ok?

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