Monday and part of Tuesday I will spend at the KnowledgeBoard Fringe Event. It is the community part of the KCC conference, that used to be known as KM Europe.
KB FringeIn the past I have been critical about KM Europe’s model, even though the events themselves were always worthwile to me for the meeting place it was for the KM community. This year they have changed their format extensively, though in my view not for the better. So I am at least a little hesitant about the Fringe Event taking place alongside KCC Europe. Maybe next time KnowledgeBoard should try and strike out on their own, which I think we could.
But the Fringe Event itself I look forward to a lot. I have not heard much about who will be there, so that will be a surprise, but the programme we all put together certainly has potential. On Tuesday morning I will facilitate a session, called the Market for Ideas. Not sure yet what I’ll do, but tomorrow there will be ample time to sample expectations and act accordingly.
Hope to see you in Amsterdam tomorrow!
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