Ever since I visited BlogTalk last year May in Vienna, I am sure that the networks we bloggers form have potential on a personal and business level.
Initiatives like BlogWalk (second event coming up on May 28th) and the Actionable Sense Troupe (can you suggest a better name?) are not only aimed at realising that potential but in themselves a proof of concept as well.
Tonight I will have dinner with Jon Husband, of Wirearchy, and one of the Actionable Sense gang, who is currently visiting Europe from Canada, together with Lilia Efimova and Elmine Wijnia.
Face to face meetings help strengthen the fabric of the networks we have woven, add value to it, and increase likelihood of working together. I’m looking forward to it!

7 reactions on “Strengthening the Network Fabric

  1. Ton, I had the same experience this weekend at Bloggercon in Boston. I have exchanged emails with people and read their blogs for some time, but actually getting to meet them face to face changes our relationship. It makes it more personal and increases the liklihood that we will continue to correspond.

  2. Thanks again, Ton and Elmine, for your wonderful hospitality (and for having such a great shower !!).
    Lots more to talk about, and I will be back in contact soon.
    First impression of Berlin are really good !

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